Sunday, December 21, 2014

Round 2- 3 In 1 InstaNatural Product REVIEW!

My preliminary review on InstaNatural's
Cellulite Cream, Stretch Mark & Scar Cream, and Facial Moisturizer Cream.


 All products made it to me safe and well packaged. It did have bubble wrap around it as well.

What they look like.

I am going to leave links below to order each product.

**I do want to note that it does state on the bottle that these products take about 2 months for proper results. I am doing a preliminary review for my first 2 weeks.**

Okay on to the product reviews!

Let's start with the Facial Moisturizer.

     I really love InstaNatural's face product especially. As I have stated in a previous review I struggle with under eye circles and damaged skin on my face. I am very self conscious about it and couldn't find any way to essentially cure me of my embarrassment. This facial moisturizer I prefer to use at night time. I use it with the other products I reviewed in my last review.
I prefer to use it at night because it is a bit thicker and tends to lay on my face longer. Which works out for me because waking up with a soft, smooth, and bright face is a great start.
Has a product smell but fades quickly after applied to the skin. Results of their face products are awesome!

On to the Stretch Mark & Scar Cream!

This product really intrigued me. I have had my gallbladder removed and have 5 scars on my stomach. I also have lost 130 lbs. So I could use some REMOVER if you know what I mean. ;-)
Well I have been applying it once a day after a shower at night. It is very thick and sometimes the product takes a few seconds to get out. Make sure you clean the nozzle after use. I make sure my skin is scrubbed clean where I am applying it. The smell isn't the greatest at all it does fade upon drying. BUT it works! so, I am picking my battles. It goes on thick but I believe that is part of the process of healing the skin. I have already noticed a small change in the skin on my stomach. I have been using it hand and hand with the next product so I think that is why they are both working faster. Over all the results so far I am pleased with.

FINALLY.. the Cellulite Cream.

Okay for starters this one comes out creamy and thick with not much smell. It rubs in very quickly and takes a few minutes to rub in the whole way.
I have been using this one on my arm flab and in the mornings on my stomach. I am noticing a difference in my arms and my stomach. Right now as I have said before it is a change but not drastic yet. After the recommended 2 months I think big changes are coming. I am excited to get there. As of right now I am voting a YES!

All 3 of these products so far are giving positive results! Can't wait to update in 2 months!

Again be sure to check out INSTANATURAL!


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